It has always been our thought that gaming could be a key learning tool for people of all ages. In the early days of gaming, you were always provided with a strict feedback loop. If you lost, you lost. If you won, you won. What did it take to win? How did I win? All questions that help to develop problem solving, critical thinking and fine motor skills. Gaming was often times an escape for us. A way to succeed in areas that felt unique, while balancing the rest of our lives. It was a platform for creativity, discussion, expression.

Over the years we have competed in eSports at varying levels. Top 16’s at majors, top 3s at local events, sometimes dead last everywhere. Even though life got in the way, we always seem to find a way back to eSports and gaming in general. We have both been coaches, trainers and promoters.

We have created our website to share what we have learned over the years. Our successes and our failures, and the refined processes that we believe in. Now that eSports is backed financially, and the games are changing, we strive to raise the bar for everyone who dedicates the time to their passion.

There is an enormous amount of opportunity in this industry, join us in seizing it.

-Free Agency eSports